How to order? is an online store that operates in accordance with the Law on Electronic Commerce and all other applicable laws and regulations in the Republic of Serbia.

As in a classic store, you first need to find the product you want to order on the site. Click on its thumbnail or name next to the thumbnail to enter the detailed view page.
On the details page, click the button „Dodaj u korpu“ da biste ubacili proizvod u svoju korpu za kupovinu.

You will receive an order form. Possible options:

  • "Continue Shopping", when you select this option you can continue ordering.
  • "Order items", before selecting this option, please review the entire order in detail once again. After clicking "Order selected items", it is necessary to fill in all required fields related to the name and address of delivery, and it is desirable to enter in the note everything you think is necessary for us to deliver the goods in the best possible way. When you have filled out the form, click the button "ORDER" you will see a page with the message that your order has been successfully received.1. After receiving the order through the site, the seller is obliged to make a telephone confirmation.
    2. After confirmation of the order by the customer, the order is irrevocable.
    3. The seller undertakes to deliver the ordered products correct and within the prescribed period.
    4. In case of any change, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer during the telephone confirmation of the order.
    5. All possible changes except changes related to delivery do not apply to confirmed orders.
  • "Clear the cart", if you have added more products than you need, with one click on this button you can empty the cart and start a new purchase.

You can see an overview of your order at any time by clicking on "Your Cart". The basket has the option that you can remove certain products from it, select the quantity of a certain item or indicate the color or size, if the desired item has an option for additional selection.

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